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Hi... It’s been a while since i enjoyed posting ‘bout journal and stuff. This time, i’d like to tell you about Dewa Athena... So yeah, Let’s get started !1!.
            Dewa Athena is an annual sport competition among 10th graders &/ 11th graders in my school, 3 Senior High School Bandung. Dewa Athena is acronym of ‘Olimpiade Siswa, Ajang Tunjuk Kebolehan, Eksistensi, dan Kebersamaan Siswa’ (soo long ‘ight?, yeah .. there are lot of events in my school that use very long name to make amazing acronyms). This event was held on three separate Saturdays -  March 25th (elimination), April 1st  (semifinal), and April 8th (final). *psst* I don’t know why they made it only on Saturday, probably because it’s SMA 3’. When i was in jhs , we did semi-annual sport competition between classes too, but it held in almost a week without being disturbed by outher activities.It took place in Lapangan Bali.             There were so many games in Dewa Athena and i played many games xdd. First, it’s baske…
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[Review] Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV


Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive is a new film from Square Enix and Visual Works to introduce fans to the world of Final Fantasy XV are still in-delay. For those who have never played or watch any previous Final Fantasy, take it easy because I actually had never finish played it (yes, please, sue me).
From the perspective of someone who has never played a game from Square Enix other than Kingdom Hearts, at first I afraid i won’t be able to understand this film. But take it easy because I think anyone can watch it. Kingsglaive not as "elite" as it. But whether the film is worth to watch? Let's discuss together.

      The magical kingdom of Lucis is home to the hallowed Crystal, but the menacing empire of Niflheim will stop at nothing to make it theirs. War has raged between the two for as long as most can remember. King Regis of Lucis commands an elite force of soldiers dubbed the Kingsglaive. Wielding their ki…


(Before) HOLIDAY
After receiving school report on 23th of December 2016. Finally, I got my holidays for two weeks (from 24th of December 2016 until 7th of January 2017). Actually I have  started my holidays already a week before the holidays officially announced.

The third week of December my mother was having a job out of Bandung. On 13th of December my mother was in Bali, so she told us (my family) to accompany her. After accompany in her job we were having so much fun. The next day we went to the beach (Tanjung benoa), my brother and me  were having so much fun. We rode many water sports such as jet ski, something like banana boat but the shape is doughnut, and many more. After both of us exhausted by those sports, my mom asked to visit a turtle island. Evidently not only turtle were there. There were many animals especially reptile (Snake, turtle, tortoise, iguana), mammals  and some of fowl. We took photo with each of animals there.             The next destination was lake in Uluwa…

Thariq ibn Ziyad

The Conqueror of Andalusia             Thariq ibn Ziyad
Thariq Bin Ziyad is one of the most admired heroes of the muslim world. He lead the muslim army to invade and conquer Spain. Islamic Spain was known as Andalusia with a feeling of romantic nostalgic fever in every muslim. It was in Andalusia where muslim genius for arts, sciences, architecture and civic sense flourished, at least 500 years ahead of rest of Europe at that time. The library of Cordova is referred to by Muslims as one of the treasures of modern history, unfortunately lost to a barbaric force bent on destruction. The Alhambra palace is a piece of architectural gem as much as a symbol of passion in literature. The general in charge of the Muslim army was Tarek Bin Ziyad. The rock of Gibraltar was named after him (Jab al Tarek). Below is a text of his speech to his soldiers just before his famous war. Some say that he had all the ships burned so that his soldiers literally had two options. Either they fought for life again…

White Tiger (Panthera Tigris

White Tiger (Panthera Tigris Tigris) is a subspecies of Tiger which is found throughout the Indian subcontinent. Although the range of the White Tiger is historically very large, these animals are incredibly rare as their coloration is dependent on gene that is passed on from their parents. Over the past couple of centuries the White Tiger has become even rarer in the wild due to mass hunting activities. There have been no recorded sightings of White Tigers for the past 50 years in the wild.

The White Tiger is not an albino. The pigment that creates their fur white is the result of the gen carried by the White Tiger’s parents. Like other Tiger species, the White Tiger has black or dark brown stripes that run vertically along its body. Not only its fur which is white, the White Tiger also has blue eyes rather than green or yellow colored eyes of normal tigers. Despite the beauty of the White Tiger's fur, it does in fact give these individuals a disadvantage as they are not so easily…

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

This is the short story of The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

A long, long time ago, the people of the town of Hamelin had a big problem. There were too many rats in the Hamelin. The people tried everything to get rid of the little pests, but in vein. There were big rats and little rats. There were old rats and baby rats. There were rats of every colour and shape. Even the cats couldn’t do anything. The Chief of the town called a meeting and told everyone that he would given ten sacks of gold to anybody who saves them from rats.             Finally, one day, a stranger from a far away land came to Hamelin. Dressed in colourful clothes, he had a feather in his hat and he carried a pipe. He said to the townspeople that he would get rid of rats. Then, the stranger took his pipe and started playing an odd but wonderful tune. All the rats in the town heard the music and began to run to him. As he walked through the streets of Hamelin playing his pipe, more and more rats followed him. Rats from eve…



Are you alumnus of ITSAR? Don't know how to contribute in ITSAR? Long time didnt gather (mentoring)? Now is the time

I-CLUB will be held on

             Date   : Sunday, 9th October 2016              Time   : 10.30 a.m. - done              Place : North Corridor of Salman Mosque ITB
RSVP Irfan (08xxxxxxxxxx)

p.s. there will be free wifi & food